Spa Rituals

Rituals Kaya Kalp

Essen al oils mixed with Olive oil and herbal extracts exfoliate and moisturize the skin in this Skin lover’s ritual. Star ng with oil body massage using aroma c oils, ritual culminate with chosen scrub and help to protect skin from oxida on, sunlight and pollu on. Choose from Coffee Excess or any other combina on of scrub & massage as per your taste and liking. Comprises a choice of body massage and scrub along.

Morrocan Delite

Human skin doesn’t adapt to changing climate and require extra care during those mes. Perfect treatment for changing weather, this warm and spicy treatment, cleans skin and makes it silky smooth. Balinese massage is followed by Moroccan Scrub with Turkish Loofah in Royal Jelly and culminate with special pack to make it skin friendly royal treatment.

Javanese Lulur Ritual

An ancient beauty treatment was purifying ritual for Javanese princess as they prepared for their wedding day. Given for 40 days regularly, it consisted of Balinese massage, followed by Javanese Lulur body scrub and yoghurt splash. This memorable experience is a roman c body elixir and perfect spa gi , with love.

Elegant Wellness Signature

Three hours of ul mate relaxa on is good enough to get rid of weeks and month of redness. Whether you are corporate buff or a businessman or a homemaker, this world is mad enough to get rewarded with this royal treatment. Ideal pampering op on, this is recommended for busy bees to compensate for the hec c days and late nights. Comprising of choicest full body therapy, scrubs, body splash and face therapy, this ritual is a complete p to toe relaxa on treatment.