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Elegant Wellness Spa has been managed by Hospitality Professional who have a decade experience and had pioneered and perfected a unique concept of providing our guests with utmost individual attention.

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Balinese Massage
Balinese massage techniques are gentle and aim to make the pa ent feel relaxed and calm throughout. The techniques...
Moroccan Scrub
Moroccan Scrub with Turkish Loofah in Royal Jelly consists of ground rice, oatmeal, cinnamon etc. This warm and spicy..
Morrocan Delite
Human skin doesn’t adapt to changing climate and require extra care during those mes. Perfect treatment for changing weather..
Javanese Lulur Scrub
avanese Lulur is an ancient Bali ritual o en described as the 'queen' of body treatments, the Javanese Lulur is s ll used today ..