Body Scrubs

Scrubs Salt Glow Scrub

Essen al oils of choice are infused into dead sea salt, specially good for cleansing and figh ng cellulite. The primary purpose of a salt glow is to exfoliate your skin.

Coffee & Chocolate Scrub

oil. Helps get rid of dead skin and gives a younger and fresh look.

Javanese Lulur Scrub

Javanese Lulur is an ancient Bali ritual o en described as the 'queen' of body treatments, the Javanese Lulur is s ll used today by Javanese brides to so en their skin before marriage. Lulur is an invigora ng skin scrub and wrap made with turmeric, rice, jasmine and color leaves.

Moroccan Scrub

Moroccan Scrub with Turkish Loofah in Royal Jelly consists of ground rice, oatmeal, cinnamon etc. This warm and spicy scrub cleans skin and makes it silky smooth.